Unusual printing effects, innovative possibilities

Technologically UV printing is a three-dimensional print. Created, like in 3D prototype printers, layer by layer. Layers can be multicolored, including white and transparent. The use of a mirror surface makes it possible to obtain metallic colors.

The above features allow the use of optical resonance in printing, in nature occurring on the metallically colored wings of tropical butterflies. In technology, this phenomenon has been used in IMoD displays, known to us from smartphones and tablets.

In addition, we can print structures such as bark, leather, feathers, precious stones, apply imitations of many artistic techniques in one project.

Printed sapphire, dimensions 0.31 x 0.24 x 0.02 in


Imitation of leather, shiny and matte gold, convex inscriptions


Crest Trzaska acc. Dariusz Wiszniewski's project

Relief labry and details. The metal posts of the shield changing the hue. Helmet and buckler with metallic sheen. Only in very close look you can see that the stone does not come from a jeweller. Peacock feathers shine with a metallic brilliance. Natural birch bark is not suitable for painting, but there are no such restrictions in print.

Braille alphabet, hardly visible but well perceptible


Effects of multi-colored stripes, lenticular effects

The possibility of printing them on everything opens the possibility of creating works that adapt to lighting.

Watermark, microprint