Custom jewellery tags & decorative stickers

Elegant tags are used in the optical, watchmaker, florist, gift and pawnshop industries, as well as for the distinction of many hand-made products. Selling of jewellery requires a proper presentation. More and more often, jewellery retailers reach for personalized labels. We can also print and cut out decorative stickers with your logo or design of your own, they can come in a large variety of shapes and sizes of your choice.

We offer custom  tags and stickers made to individual order, with special features:

  • gold, silver and metallic colors,
  • refinement with convex varnish,
  • you can write on them with a pen,
  • enriched with the effect of light interference, including precious stones,
  • they can be non-sticky,
  • we can put a barcode or a QR code on tags.