Colorful labels matched to your design

For cosmetics, but also for perfumes, dietary supplements, auxiliary, probiotics, conditioners etc.

Special features of the product, such as unique properties, unique ingredients, use and other information are a very important marketing element. They should be presented legibly and tastefully.

There is no need to stock – if it is difficult to predict what products will be included in the next delivery, you can order as many stickers as you currently need. We will finish the order quickly, and the price of even a small amount will remain favorable.

The stickers can be used to complement the packaging with required symbols, such as PAO or “flammable” as well as certificates (eg. crulety-free, organic, eco), bar codes or QR codes.

Labels can be enriched with variety of metallic colours, special effect of light interference, varnishing and embossing.

Printed on golden, mirror, matte silver, transparent, glossy or matte white, prismatic material.